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The following information covers the various types of products and services that Disability Resource Group offers, the important features and optional benefits that define a Disability plan, and how it can be designed to meet your client's particular needs and situation.

Exploring our product portfolio will assist you in identifying demographics of the insurance market and will reveal various marketing opportunities. You should come away with a clearer understanding of how beneficial Disability insurance can be in many different situations, and how you can approach both prospective and current clients with information that will be of value.

Individual Coverage
True "Own Occupation" Definition
Transitional "Own Occupation"
Business Overhead Expense
Disability Buy-Sell
Mortgage Protection
Retirement Completion
Key Person
Loan Indemnification
Catastrophic Benefit
Impaired Risk
High Limit
Newly Self-Employed
Young Professional Limits
Government Employees
Police and Armed Forces
Blue Collar
Home-Based Business
Recovery Benefit
Return of Premium
Qualified Sick Pay
Spousal Discount
Group Supplement/Conversion
Executive Carve-Out
Multi-Life Discounts
Association Programs
Work-Site Marketing Programs
Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)




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